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Lukelo agro chemical centreNjombeHakika Avocado0756 275 953
Greenbase agro inputsMwenge, Dar es SalaamHortimix0713 693 922
Private Home gardenSinza, Dar es SalaamHakika Garden0714 857 071
LMS agro chemical and SupplyKariakoo, Dar es SalaamHortimix0752 338632
Garden MarketMasaki, Dar es SalaamGarden0655 013 665
Fresh Strawberry & fruitsMasaki, Dar es SalaamHakika Garden0717 586 511
Mji mwema GardenKigamboni, Dar es SalaamHakika Garden0715 333 578
Gabrela peter MakoiMoshi, KilimanjaroHakika Garden0754 298525
Pancras Joseph TillayKilombero, ArushaHortimix & garden0624 193 059
Hortech (T) CompanyDar es SalaamHortimix & Inoculants0783 117 171
AT agrovetMbagala, Dar es SalaamHortimix0675 904047
Lilian Mrema (Lilyflowers TZ)Sala Sala, Dar es salaamHakika Garden0763 027 025
Mtewele general tradersNjombeInoculants0754 781 519
Alpha agro chemical supplyIringaInoculants0767 498 696
Edimund KombaSongeaInoculants0788 736 930
Why Hakika Organic Fertilizer

Today’s modern agriculture and planting encourages soil fertility management and improvement. We understand this need and we offer a blended nutrient rich organic fertilizer made from an advanced science formulation. Tanzania’s premier fertilizer brand for better soils and more yield. Our current products include fertilizer for onions, avocados, rice, soybean, common beans and a mix of horticulture crops.

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