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Fertilizer for Avocados

This is a slow-release pure organic fertilizer rich in Calcium and Sulphur. granules to cater for the growing avocado market. A purely organic fertilizer will allow for farmers to easily export their product and gain better prices.

What "Fertilizer for Avocados" contains

Item nameUnit costsQuantity
Nitrogen (N)Per/gram12%
Phosphorus (P)Per/gram8%
Potassium (K)per/gram4%
Ammonium nitrateper/gram2%
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We produce a range of both powder, pellets and granule forms of fertilizers. All products are produced from advanced scientific processes and standard NPK formulas by either mixing organic raw materials and mineral nutrients or just a blend of pure organic materials.

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Why Hakika Organic Fertilizer

Today’s modern agriculture and planting encourages soil fertility management and improvement. We understand this need and we offer a blended nutrient rich organic fertilizer made from an advanced science formulation. Tanzania’s premier fertilizer brand for better soils and more yield. Our current products include fertilizer for onions, avocados, rice, soybean, common beans and a mix of horticulture crops.

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