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Award winning Organic Fertilizer for your plantations

Our production is in advanced scientific processes by mixing organic raw materials and mineral nutrients

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We produce a range of both powder, pellets and granule forms of fertilizers. All products are produced from advanced scientific processes and standard NPK formulas by either mixing organic raw materials and mineral nutrients or just a blend of pure organic materials.

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This is what farmers say about Hakika Organic Fertilizer

I have been using Hakika Organic Fertilizer for several years. I use it on my vegetable and cutting garden. My plants are robust, green and have plenty of blooms! I truly recommend this product to all farmers out there.

Mzee Khalid Juma From Arusha

Oh, my word! I've never seen so much growth! I've been overwhelmed with picking strawberries. I couldn't believe how big, beautiful, healthy, and tasty the berries were after putting on Hakika Organic fertilizer.

Jeremy Mchome From Kilimanjaro

People come and knock on my door and ask why my flower garden looks so nice and to tell me how much happiness my garden brings to them. Hakika Organic Fertilizer is Organic and Hakika kweli kweli(Best ever).

Gerald Mwambusi From Mbeya
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